måndag 24 maj 2010

Ricky Gervais i blåsväder - går till motattack

Den engelske komikern Ricky Gervais kritiseras hårt i Daily Record för att i ett komedimaterial ha sagt att Susan Boyle ser ut som "a mong"

Men är det taget ur sitt sammanhang?

Ricky Gervais ger sitt svar i sin blogg (scrolla ner till week one hundred and nineteen may 2010):

"An open letter to The Mong who wrote this article.

The DSA contacted my PR on the 6th of May explaining they had had a report about my routine about Susan Boyle and voiced their obvious concerns.

I sent them an email;
"I clearly explain that words change and that at no point am I referring to anyone with Down's Syndrome. Not only am I not referring to people with Down's Syndrome I also explain that I am not associating the word with its old derogatory meaning. I also do it as part of a routine about comedians taking responsibility for everything they say. I hope this is acceptable."

This was their reply;
"Fully explained and acceptable reply.
Please extend our thanks to Ricky for the prompt reply." "

Daily Record skandaliserar alltså något som Down Syndrome Association accepterar. Hur går det ihop?

Jag skulle velat sett och hört materialet i sin helhet.

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